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Therapy Can Help You Recover From Narcissistic Family Scapegoating

  • Helping you understand why you are not the source of family problems, so you can overcome false blame, guilt or shame.

  • Standing up to the Inner Scapegoat aka the Troll, so you can learn to see yourself accurately and feel better about yourself

  • Deciding on how much contact – if any – to have with scapegoating family members; how to have more emotionally safe contact, and protecting your mental health and self esteem.

  • Overcoming anxiety and trauma due to having been repeatedly abused, and discovering the peace of mind you deserve

  • Learning to become more assertive with family members and others, so you increase the chances of creating respectful boundaries, and decrease vulnerability to more scapegoating.

  • Becoming more skilled at pinpointing your strengths, and being able to quickly remind yourself of your good qualities, should you start to believe you are ‘the bad guy’.

  • Identifying and stopping unconscious scapegoating patterns you may be getting drawn into.

  • Discovering where the allies might be in your extended family, so you can grow the positive relationships you long for.

  • Helping to build your sense of self worth, so you feel more confident, secure and capable of having loving relationships – with yourself and others!

How Do I Know Narcissistic Family Scapegoat Counseling Can Help Me? Good question! At this point you may be thinking: “I’ve tried everything to get through to my family and nothing works. How will counseling help?” Counseling can help you feel more in control of the one thing you can control – yourself. You can learn to be more confident setting healthy limits with family, and standing up for those boundaries, no matter the opposition. I will also help you identify your allies, and to build relationships with supportive individual family members, where possible. Or you may wonder: “My self esteem has taken a real hit after years of being scapegoated by my family. What difference will counseling make?” Counseling can help you begin to truly grasp deep down that you are not ‘the problem’, but rather the target of abusive narcissistic family dynamics, and deserving of better treatment. When you start to overcome negative beliefs that you are somehow bad, inadequate or flawed – you can free yourself from feelings of guilt, self blame or shame. This lays the groundwork for building up your sense of self worth and esteem so you feel more sure of yourself and your relationships. Working with a skilled therapist who truly understands family scapegoating could be the solution you are looking for.

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