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Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse & Feel Like The Family Scapegoat No More!

Scapegoating is a form of family bullying and ‘identity theft’ that can result in low self worth, chronic anxiety, lack of achieving your potential, complex trauma and relationship difficulties.

Did you know that if you have been mistreated or scapegoated by your family, then you are at much higher risk of struggling with some form of false shame, blame and guilt. You might also suffer from chronic grief, anxiety or low self worth. Or perhaps your life is being undermined by unresolved relationship trauma.

Whatever you are grappling with, you have likely been ‘programmed’ by family to believe you are flawed. This programming can live inside you as a punitive belief system – aka the ‘Troll’. You may also have trouble accessing your emotions, making it harder to have a clear idea of what you need – or don’t need – or to tap into your motivation.

With the help of therapy, you can learn to conquer these difficulties. By standing up to negative beliefs with reality based thinking, while exploring and understanding your emotions more fully, you will discover how to break free from faulty programming, trust yourself more, overcome trauma symptoms, and reclaim your true self identity – and peace of mind – in the present.

Therapy can help you recover your self identity, sense of worth and purpose, peace of mind and security in relationships.

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